Raluca Arnăutu

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Raluca Arnăutu

Raluca Arnăutu was born in 1977 in Bucharest, Romania. She graduates the University of Art from Bucharest, Romania. She became known to the public through large textile installation. In 2012 she represents Romania at the 3rd International Kids’ Carnival “Tales and Thoughts” in Venice, Italy...

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Solo shows:

2015: “Daydreaming Heart”, Anaid Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2015: “Noise and Silence” in the framework of the Documentary Film Festival, Docuart 2015 Bucharest, Romania;

2015: “Boxes, drawers and a...

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Canis Plumis , installation, 2012

Avia , installation, 2012

Piscis , installation, 2012

Cattus Occulto Flos , installation, 2012

Fungos Myriapoda , installation, 2012

Herbarium , installation, 2012

Garden with secrets, 63.5x82x20cm, mixed media, 2015

Daydreaming Heart, 28x15x8.5cm, mixed media, 2014

Gibbon, 20x11.5x8cm, mixed media, 2014

The one that stole the mechanical heart, 58x31x15.5cm, mixed media, 2014

Mummy, 58x31x15.5cm, mixed media, 2014

Idol, 80x28.5x11 cm, mixed media, 2015

Bird, 20X30cm, collage on paper, 2014

The Man with One Eye, 17.2x12cm, collage on paper, 2014

Technic from the clouds, 32x25cm, collage on paper, 2014

Heart in 3 colors, 32.5x15cm, collage on paper, 2014

Snake, 1416x20x20cm, textile, 2011

Cat, 170x135x35cm, textile , 2011

Spider, 230x120x40cm, textile, 2011

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